Practical Teaching based on the Word of God

The Path to Breakthrough

Are you stuck? Powerless? Adrift in the Chaos? There is a Breakthrough coming, a shift in thinking, a miraculous change, a liberty from the captivity. Are you on the Path to Breakthrough?

This Revival Means War

Revival is not about exciting singing, shouting, or dancing. Revival is not about tent meetings and special preachers. Revival is about bringing life to those that are dying. Revival means war. Your enemy seeks to kill, steal, and destroy but Jesus came to bring abundant life. Are you ready to fight for this revival?


The last book of the Bible shows us two things: the best is yet to come and the worst is yet to come. The difference depends on where you stand with Jesus.

Intro to the Christian Faith

What is the Bible? Who is Jesus? Why does it matter to me? We approach these questions, and many more, from the viewpoint of someone that has not yet decided to follow Jesus.

Romans Bible Study

The Book of Romans is a masterpiece. Beautiful in its intricacy and powerful in its simplicity. Take a closer look at the wonderful good news of Jesus.

In The End: Hope for Eternity

As the days grow dark and filled with fear we stop to take a hopeful look at the future. The End will come, but not yet, and when it comes the believer will find joy and reward like never before. Lift your head weary Child of God. Jesus is coming soon.

Study of Matthew

As we continue to read through the New Testament together we are picking highlights from Matthew and studying together. Join us in Matthew and be blessed.

Harbor Light Live

Watch messages and studies recorded live.

Easter 2020

Easter is about Hope. Hope for life, hope for Victory. Jesus is our Living Hope!

Study of Luke

Luke was a scientist and historian. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Luke writes the most comprehensive account of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Join us as we study Luke step by step and learn that we can be certain of what we believe.

Anxious for Nothing

Fear, Dread, Worry, Anxiety, Concern. They threaten to steal our life and drown us in misery. But they flee in the presence of Jesus because He is near. We learn to face our fears and be Anxious for Nothing.

The Church That Should Have Died

The church at Thessalonica should have died. There is no human reason that it survived. But it thrived. Paul writes to let them, and us, know how it happened. This was the power of the Holy Spirit. He encourages them, and us, do not quench the Spirit. We often want the result of Divine Power without being willing to engage the One that brings Power to the Church. Receive the Holy Spirit and experience the power that changes lives, churches, and communities.

Recipe for the Anointing

Blessed, chosen, empowered. The anointing of God is powerful indeed and He gives us His recipe. Be blessed by this message: The Recipe for the Anointing

The Ghost Series

This 4 part series takes a closer look at the Holy Spirit, the most misunderstood member of the Trinity. Learn more about who He is and what He does.

The Journey of Christmas

This Christmas season we take a closer look at the Journey taking place. Joseph and Mary take a journey to Bethlehem; the Wise Men journey to worship the new king; the Lamb will become the Lion, the manger will lead to the throne. Brokenness gives way to Complete Peace. Emptiness gives way to Hope. This is the Journey of Christmas.

Desperate for God

When we are hungry enough we will be fed. When we are desperate enough we will see Him move. When we seek Him we will find Him.

Friends of Harbor Light

Guest speakers join us to share messages of Hope and Victory.

Living Hope

Jesus is our Living Hope. A life devoted to Him brings hope for the future and hope for today. Listen to the Living Hope series for encouragement and focus in your walk with Christ.

The God You Can Know Series

We do not search for a far distant being that created us but cares nothing for us. We have a God that loves us and wants to be known by us. Go beyond knowing about God and truly come to know Him.

Faith and Doubt Series

Doubt does not have to be a dead end. Listen to this series to learn how to overcome doubt and fully trust in Jesus during the hard times.

The Work of the Shepherd Series

Jesus is the Great Shepherd and in this two part series we will take a closer look at what He is doing in us and for us.

The Good Work Series

When Jerusalem had been destroyed God gave Nehemiah the desire to rebuild. As the people learned about God’s vision to rebuild they strengthened themselves for the good work. Join us in this 3 part series and let the Good Work begin!