This Wilderness

We rejoin our Study of Luke to find Jesus being tested in the wilderness. From His victory over temptation we learn how to survive our own wilderness. We are more than conquerors, even in THIS WILDERNESS.

Rejects, Misfits, and Forgotten: God's Plan for Us

We continue the study of Luke and find the genealogy of Jesus. At first it looks like a boring list of names but if we look deeper we find an amazing story of God using rejects, misfits, and the forgotten people. In other words, if He can use them, He can use us.

Perfect God, Perfect Love: The Trinity and Us

We return to our study of Luke and find Jesus being baptized. There is so much to learn here but if we look a little deeper we can see something deeper about God. He exists in perfect love and invites us to share in it.

Mighty Jesus - Study of Luke 10

As John the Baptist continues to minister in the wilderness the people begin to ask if John is the Christ, the promised Messiah coming to bring salvation. John describes the Christ and tells us a lot about Jesus in the process. Be blessed by this continued Study of Luke in Mighty Jesus.

The Study of Luke's Gospel

Luke was a doctor and historian. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Luke writes the most comprehensive account of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Join us as we study Luke step by step and learn that we can be certain of what we believe.