About Us

We're just a group of people that really believe...

We have Authentic Faith in Jesus

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Resurrected King, the Savior of the Lost, the Rightful Lord of our Lives. We believe that Jesus is the one that baptizes us in fire and fills us with the Holy Spirit. We believe that He is worthy to be worshiped, loved, and followed above all others.

We believe in Practical Teaching based on the Word of God

We believe in the verbal inspiration of the Bible, that it is the perfect Word of God and it is the foundation of all that we teach and know to be true.

We are a Loving Family of Believers

We believe that one of our greatest sources of strength is our faith community. We will come together as a family of believers by worshiping together every Sunday, meeting in small groups regularly, and serving together.

We help other people have a growing relationship with Jesus

We believe that we must be intentional in our outreach to the lost, discipleship of believers, and the spread of the Gospel.